Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shopping around for medical prices

An article ran on NPR today about an ingenious service where patients can report how much their medical procedures cost.  This is great, especially for people with conditions like diabetes -- if your insurance only covers so much of your care, you'll want to shop around to get the best price possible.  And some of the costs reported to this website varied quite a bit, illustrating the need to shop around first.

One of the things this site asked for costs on was, apparently, diabetic test strips.  Bought without insurance, these things can cost you around a dollar a pop, making it a very good thing to be able to compare prices online.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The importance of Obamacare

One more post about Obamacare.  Today I saw this incredibly moving account of how Obamacare saved this guy's life.

If you're diabetic and reading this blog, you may know firsthand how rough it was to get health insurance before Obamacare.  Unless you had it through your employer in the form of a group plan, you were basically SOL.  Health insurance companies were legally allowed to discriminate against diabetics by refusing them health insurance otherwise, and so of course they did.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tips for signing up for Obamacare

Open enrollment for Obamacare starts on November 15th, just a couple days away.  This allows you to shop for health insurance if you don't already have a plan through your employer or another source.  NPR ran a great article the other day with tips for anyone shopping for health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act:

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Obamacare

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oh look, another cure for diabetes!

I was browsing Facebook tonight, and lo and behold, here's another cure for diabetes!

Cheap Blood Pressure Drug Cures Diabetes In Mice, Human Trials Announced

If I had a nickel for every time they've "cured" diabetes since I was diagnosed, I would... well, I still wouldn't have very much money, because a nickel doesn't buy squat in our day and age.  But the point is, they've discovered lots of cures since my diagnosis, and none of them have amounted to much of anything.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Managing your blood sugar when you're sick

I was really sick this past week, so sick that I feel like I lost several days, if not the entire week.  It was a really bad cold, but it felt much worse than most colds I've ever had.  I suspect I had this enterovirus that has been going around lately, because of the impact it had on my breathing.

I don't know about other diabetics, but my blood sugars run crazy high when I'm sick.  Of course this is probably dependent on your type of insulin regimen.  I'm on Lantus, a fairly stable 24-hour insulin, and only take short-acting insulin when I eat, so if I skip meals it's no big deal.  Someone who takes a long-acting insulin with peaks and valleys will probably crash if they don't eat when they are supposed to.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"New" news on diet and losing weight

It's not actually a new idea that fat in foods isn't what makes people gain weight, but today NPR ran an article about the newest study to find this out.  The study compared dieters who cut fat versus dieters who cut carbs, and found those with the higher-fat, lower-carb diets actually lost more weight -- 12 pounds versus 4 pounds -- than those who ate higher-carb, lower-fat diets.

Cutting Back On Carbs, Not Fat, May Lead To More Weight Loss

Friday, August 8, 2014

Sign a petition to get Medicare to cover CGMs

It's been a while since I was on a continuous glucose monitor -- I've done a couple of studies through my doctor's office where I had to wear them.  They were life-changing for a diabetic, to say the least.

So when I saw this petition the other day, asking for Medicare to cover continuous glucose monitors, I signed it immediately.  I fully believe that a CGM can make a huge difference in a diabetic's overall health by helping them to better control their blood sugar.