Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finding my old medical records

I found my old medical records in a file drawer at my parents' house. They include the paperwork from my diagnosis and hospitalization in 2002, plus the records from my doctor's visits in those first couple of years.

I discovered/remembered the following things:

1) Some of the things that happened while I was in the hospital. I had never read through the paperwork, so I found this rather enlightening.

2) A glaring misdiagnosis of Hashimoto's disease from my first endocrinologist. (It's been six years and I've had nothing but normal thyroid function.)

3) Evidently my A1c used to run a little lower than it does now. It then shot up in late 2003/early 2004, which is when I switched to the Barbara Davis Center.

4) My blood sugar was much easier to control when I was on Depo-Provera (an injection form of birth control). When I switched to the pill in an effort to better control my cholesterol, I lost some of my tight control.

5) My old endocrinologist used to berate me for attempting to adjust my nightly Lantus dose on my own. Remembering this made me really mad — I hate it when doctors patronize me or treat me as if I'm incompetent!

6) Evidently my LDL cholesterol didn't run as high as I'd thought — the highest I saw before my endocrinologist put me on Lipitor was 138.

7) It doesn't seem like my doctor had a good reason at all to put me on Niaspan (which I got off of several years ago).

Each of these points deserves some attention, so I'm going to address them individually in a series of future posts.

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