Monday, June 9, 2008

My doctor's appointment

In my last post I talked about collecting overnight urine samples for my doctor's appointment. My appointment was Friday morning (and partly responsible for a very hectic day).

I always find out at my appointment what my A1c is, as my doctor's office (the Barbara Davis Center) has a little machine that tests it in 6 minutes. It was 7.4, down very slightly from 7.5 at my last appointment.

I had expected that my A1c would be a little high this visit. My brother-in-law and his family moved to Denver at the end of May, so the last month and a half have been kind of crazy and stressful — helping find them a place and preparing for them, and now helping them get settled and still trying to find enough time to get my own work done.

Of course, as my doctor reminded me (gently — he's not a mean doctor), keeping tight control of my diabetes is important, so I need to make sure I remember and/or find time to check my sugars when I am supposed to.

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