Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A study's findings on continuous glucose monitors

I just saw this article last night:

Continuous monitoring devices help adults control diabetes

The article is about a study on continuous glucose monitors, which found that using a CGM helps type 1 diabetics to control their sugar levels better.

Well, duh.

This article reminded me that I need to update my blog on my own experiences with continuous glucose monitors. In the last half of July, I participated in a comparison of two different CGMs at my doctor's office. Basically, I wore both for two weeks, and participated in 3 in-clinic days where my sugars were tested against the readings on both CGMs every 15 minutes — to test the accuracy of each, of course.

I definitely agree with this article — that wearing a CGM helps you maintain tighter control. In fact, my doctor's office and I are currently trying to convince my insurance company of that, too, so perhaps these recent findings will help!

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