Wednesday, October 22, 2008

High prescription costs pose a threat to diabetics

Last night I noticed this article, which talks about how many people are cutting back on prescription drugs, thanks to money being tighter these days.

This kind of thing is horrifically dangerous to diabetics, and ought to demonstrate why our current health care system is not working. Diabetics who skip insulin can end up in the hospital, as one doctor's patient had in the article. At the very least they'll make themselves miserable (thirsty and having to pee all the time, blurry vision, muscle cramps, etc.), but more significantly they will also set themselves up for health problems over time, particularly if they continue cutting back.

I believe diabetics have a right to expect that they will never have to go without insulin. Insulin is literally our elixir of life — without it, we're as good as dead. I just don't believe we ought to be giving insurance companies, drug companies, and the economy that kind of power over people!

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