Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 1 on the Navigator again

I mentioned in my last blog post, about Wednesday's appointment with my endocrinologist, that my doctor's office gave me a Navigator sensor to help me find out what my blood sugars are doing overnight. The hope is that the 5 days I get on the sensor will help me regain control over my diabetes.

The unit is mine — back in July, I participated in a comparison study on continuous glucose monitors, and at the end of the study I got to keep the CGM of my choice. I chose the Navigator, because despite the sensor adhesive problems and the size of the transmitter, I felt it was more accurate at lower levels — something that is important for me at the barn.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to get my insurance company to approve the sensors, so I haven't used the CGM since then. Yesterday was therefore my first full day back on the Navigator in almost six months.

When I first inserted the sensor on Wednesday, I had a little bit of trouble getting used to having it on me again — though I adapted faster than I did my very first time. For the rest of Wednesday I was worried about bumping it, rubbing it, etc. However, by the time I woke up yesterday morning, it felt much more natural to move around without worrying about the sensor coming off.

Because the Navigator waits 10 hours before the first calibration, it wasn't until Wednesday evening that I started getting any readings. Unfortunately, the meter wouldn't accept my second calibration late Wednesday night, so I had to get up every two hours throughout the night when the CGM beeped at me to recalibrate.

Because of the calibration problems, the meter wasn't very accurate overnight, so I couldn't determine anything based on the night's readings. However, during the day yesterday I very quickly was able to assume much tighter control over my sugars, same as what happened when I first started using the CGM back in July.

It's so nice to be using the Navigator again, even if it's only for 5 days!

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