Friday, January 9, 2009

First night of Navigator readings and nighttime insulin resistance?

Last night was my first real night of Navigator readings, since Wednesday night the meter was having so many problems.

The meter was about 30 points on the low side last night, but I did check my blood sugar and the difference was consistent. In any case, the meter did reveal that my sugars held steady throughout most of the night.

The one thing that did baffle me was a little bit of apparent insulin resistance that I experienced between late last night. Around 10pm I checked my blood sugar and found it was a little over 200. It had been several hours since my last meal and insulin dose, so I took a couple of units of Humalog to bring it down.

Between 10pm and midnight, my blood sugar didn't move it all — it stayed right at about 230 the entire time. So at midnight, when I figured the Humalog would have run its course (short-acting insulin takes 2-3 hours, but with me I usually find it takes only 2), I took two more units.

I was up for nearly another two hours, and when I went to bed at nearly 2am my blood sugar had dropped to around 135. I figured that was high enough to prevent crashing during the night (usually I aim for 150).

Unfortunately, my blood sugar continued to drop until about 4am. I woke up several times with the Navigator beeping at me. Since it was reading about 30 points low, it was telling me I was around 40, when I was actually around 70. However, after 4am it stayed consistent for the rest of the morning, so I can only assume my new nighttime Lantus dose of 16 is pretty much perfect.

I am going to watch the next three nights for signs of insulin resistance late at night, and I will be careful not to take two shots so close together again at bedtime. I came pretty close to crashing, even if I didn't!

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