Sunday, January 11, 2009

Making the Navigator sensor stick

In my last post I talked about the Navigator sensor adhesive problems I had when I participated in a CGM study back in July.

This time, luckily, I haven't had the same problems. I think this is because of one or more of three possible reasons:

1) It's the middle of winter and I'm not as active as I was over the summer. At the time of the study, I was cleaning stalls at the barn in exchange for free board, and I was riding my horse frequently.

2) I'm not sweating as much. I think sweaty skin was the primarily reason why the Navigator sensor's adhesive seemed to have so many problems over the summer. Even had I not been so active, it was hot! This would also explain why the combination of a bandage underneath and the Skin Tac (which I described in my last post) worked so well.

3) I've lost some weight. My tummy is flatter and doesn't curve as much when I sit down.

4) I haven't put an over-bandage on at all. I think putting a bandage over the top pulls at the adhesive ring around the base of the sensor, and loosens it, so I decided not to put any extra adhesive or tape on unless it actually started coming off.

In any case, this time I used IV Prep instead of Skin Tac. We had tried that once over the summer, and it didn't work then, but it's working pretty well now! It wasn't until the fourth day that the adhesive finally started to loosen the slightest bit at the edges. I had forgotten to put a bandage underneath the sensor (which a hole in it for the entry point), but I don't seem to have needed it this time — though I suspect the nickel will start making me itch soon!

We'll see if the adhesive makes it to Day 5!

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