Saturday, January 10, 2009

Navigator sensor adhesive problems

Back when I did the CGM study in July, I (and everyone else) had a lot of problems with the adhesive on the Navigator sensor. I had a sensor actually pop out, and two out of the three times, by the time we got to the end of the 5-day period I had to hold the sensor on with tons of tape for fear of losing it.

The one time I didn't have any problems with it, some mystery lady — a pump rep, I think, who didn't work at my doctor's office but was helping out — used Skin Tac wipes to make it stick. This is what she did:

1) Put Skin Tac on my skin. She said it was okay for the sensor to go through it, though I've heard differently since then.

2) Cut a hole in a clear, rectangular bandage, just a little larger than the size of the sensor and its surrounding adhesive. The hole was for the sensor wire to go through into my skin, so she made sure it lined up correctly.

3) Put the bandage on my skin, over the Skin Tac. This was actually to prevent the little spot of nickel on the transmitter from touching my skin (I'm allergic to nickel), but as it turned out it also helped to prevent the sensor adhesive from losing its stickiness when I got sweaty.

4) Put the sensor over the bandage, making sure the entry point lined up with the hole in the bandage.

Out of the four sensors I wore during the study, this one stuck the best, without me having to tape it down as the 5-day period wore on.

This time I've had a little better success, as I will explain in my next post.

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