Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama health care reform seems promising

If you're like me, you've been watching Obama with interest, particularly to see whether he will follow through on his health care reform promises.

It certainly seems he will. This article on Obama's stance on the issue of health care reform indicates that his campaign promises were serious statements of intent. Even once he was elected, Obama continued to set the stage for his plan to make some major changes in the health care industry. And now he's pressing for health care to be a significant issue in the economic stimulus bill he and Congress are working on.

Obama has been amazing, in my opinion. Even before he took his oath, he was acting like the president, talking to foreign leaders and addressing the public's concerns. And after he was sworn in on Tuesday, he hit the ground running: In his first full day as president, Obama accomplished more (in my opinion) than Bush has in the last six months.

All of this seems to indicate that President Obama will also keep his promises regarding health care. Good news for those of us with preexisting conditions such as diabetes!

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