Thursday, January 8, 2009

The purpose of frequent endocrinologist appointments

I haven't had very good control over my diabetes lately. My blood sugars have been quite high, and I haven't been checking very often. As a result, yesterday's appointment with my endocrinologist was a bit discouraging.

Of course, though, that's the point of seeing your endocrinologist frequently: to get you back on track when you start to stray.

One of the reasons why I was having problems was because I've been afraid to bump up by nighttime dose of Lantus by too much. The CGM study I did back in July (which I still need to blog about — sorry!) verified that I don't wake up when I crash at night. I've tried a couple of times to bump up my nighttime Lantus dose (it's been at 15 for several months now), but every time I felt like I was pushing lows all the next day, so I reverted back for fear of what my sugars were doing while I was sleeping.

Unfortunately, when combined with my recent trend toward less frequent testing, my sugars were getting quite out of control. It's easy to ignore that when you want to, so I really needed the reality check of yesterday's doctor's appointment.

My doctor's appointment gave me several things to help me out:

1) A free Navigator sensor (I was able to keep the Navigator unit after the study ended in July) so that I can find out what my sugars are doing overnight
2) Guidelines for changing my Lantus dose
3) Another appointment in six weeks, instead of the usual three months, to check my progress

So far I am really very excited about being wired up to the Navigator again, even if it's only for five days. I'll blog about that in my next post. However, the real thing that saved me here was the doctor's appointment, as it gave me fresh resolve to keep better control of my diabetes.

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