Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Health insurance prescription coverage changes

I just got a letter from our health insurance company today stating that their special program for diabetic prescriptions is ending. This program made prescriptions really affordable by putting all diabetic prescriptions in the tier with the cheapest copay.

The change is most likely due to the fact that another, bigger health insurance company recently took over our original provider. I'm sure this is only the first of many ways they'll find to wring a little extra money out of us.

I know from experience that many of my medications will not be in the generic tier once they end the program on March 1. Instead I'm willing to bet my bill for three months' worth of prescriptions is going to double. The expense was difficult enough to cover some quarters — do they have any concept of how this is going to affect many people?

Of course, they don't care. As my husband said sarcastically when I told him, "Oh, but people with chronic medical conditions always have tons of money laying around. That's why they have to charge you more."


The People History said...

We feel your pain Callie is a diabetic and has MS and our Co Pay per month is outrageous , and on the TV they say more than 15% do not fulfill scripts wonder why. We have found over the last couple of years the insurance spends more time trying to find ways to weezle out of paying than anything else , hope it does not go up to high


Katharine Swan said...


It's disgusting, isn't it, how they care more about their profit margin than our health? My prescription copays are now more than twice what they were before. The really disgusting thing is, the copays are about half of what the prescription costs, and I'm sure the insurance company has some deal with the providers that allows them to weasel their way out of part of what's left.

I didn't know Callie was diabetic, by the way! Is she type 1 or type 2?