Saturday, March 7, 2009

Expensive diabetic prescriptions strike again!

I remember when I got on my husband's health insurance, and I thought how nice it was to be paying $100 every three months for prescriptions rather than the $200 and up my other insurance company charged.

Now, since our insurance company changed the copays for diabetic prescriptions, it seems I'm right back where I was before. I reordered my prescriptions the other day, and I will now be paying more than twice what I was before. It all amounts to about $500 additional per year, which may not seem like a lot; but when you have to come up with $200 or more all at once instead of just $100, you really do feel the pinch!

Things like this demonstrate just how badly we need health care reform. Without health insurance, these life-saving medications would cost me probably three times more. How many people out there are slowly dying because our country thinks it's a good idea to model the health care industry after the free market system?

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