Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Other travel considerations for diabetics

Going through security with your diabetic supplies might be one of the major concerns, but there are other things diabetics need to keep in mind when traveling. Here are a few others I found to be pertinent:

1) Insulin injection timing. If you take an injection at the same time every day, you will need to account for the time zone change where you are traveling. This doesn't need to be exact, but it should be close. For example, I always take my Lantus injection at about midnight, before I go to bed. In England, which was seven hours ahead before the United States changed for Daylight Savings, that meant I took my shot when I got up in the morning.

2) Changing insulin needs. Another problem is how your activities while on vacation can affect your insulin requirements. Being more active than usual can decrease your Lantus needs, but eating more than usual can increase your insulin needs. Also, don't forget you will be exposed to a lot more germs, and may get sick, which can have an impact as well. Your best bet is to check your blood sugar frequently and be sensitive to changes in your insulin needs.

3) Extra vigilance checking blood sugars. I also find that I need to be extra vigilant about checking blood sugars while traveling. It is far too easy to forget about checking it, which of course usually ends up with your sugars being sky-high.

What do you find that you have to keep in mind when traveling as (or with) a diabetic?

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