Saturday, April 25, 2009

Keep your fingers crossed for health care

This is good news for diabetics and others in need of health care: President Obama is determined enough to get a guaranteed health insurance program in place to block a filibuster in the Senate.

I'm glad to see Obama taking action on this issue so quickly, and I am hopeful that his determination and skillful maneuvering bode well for the legislation. With the recession increasing the number of people without health insurance, this is now needed more than ever.

In my research for this blog post, I learned something I did not know. From's article on the potential health care deal (emphasis added):

Because insurance is expensive, requiring people and businesses to pay for it is politically difficult. Most people now get insurance from their employers, but companies aren't required to offer it and as the economy skids more have cut back.

I didn't know that employers weren't required to offer health care. I thought they had to for full-time workers. So our current situation is even scarier than I thought it was, if even working full-time doesn't mean you will have health insurance.

According to the article about preventing a filibuster, there are 58 — perhaps 59 — senators who support health care legislation. Sixty are needed to break a filibuster. I don't know who the 41 or 42 dissenting senators are, but if you know yours is one, please write to him or her about supporting this important legislation!

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