Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Diabetic tattoo trend

I've considered before getting a tattoo that states I am diabetic. I happen to have a metal allergy that prevents me from wearing most jewelry, so I can't wear the cheap medic alert bracelets, and can't afford the ones I could wear.

It seems I'm not the only one who has considered having a medic alert tattooed on my body: Other people are already doing so. Check out this article:

Tattoos being used for medical alerts

I can't say that I would support tattooing children with a medic alert, just because they're children and they have more growing to do, for heaven's sake, which distorts tattoos. I know I'd be pretty pissed if I ended up with an unsightly blotch of color on my skin as an adult, no matter how well-meaning my parents had been. However, I strongly disagree with the logic here:

Some say they'd skip the body art, though. Sandra Miller's son Joseph, 13, has type 1 diabetes. "While I understand the reasons for doing this, it feels a little too much like 'branding' my child," Miller says.

The branding comment kind of annoys me. Diabetes is still misunderstood, sure, but it doesn't carry the same stigma it used to. However, we should still be careful not to say or do things that will make diabetic children feel ashamed of checking blood sugar and taking insulin in public.

As for me personally — well, someday I may consider getting a medic alert tattoo. The biggest problem I have is that my philosophy with tattoos (I already have two) is that they should be someplace discreet, so that you can hide them if necessary. A medic alert tattoo would be the complete opposite: In order to do its job, it would need to be as visible as possible. That will be a hard thing for me to get my head around!

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