Friday, June 19, 2009

Will it pass?

The Obama health care reform situation is ongoing, and though I don't read every single article that comes out on the subject, I am waiting anxiously to find out what will happen.

A new article reports a step in the right direction:

Trying to regain momentum on a core issue of Barack Obama's presidency, House Democrats on Friday unveiled legislation they said would cover virtually all the nearly 50 million uninsured Americans. Major provisions of the draft bill would impose new responsibilities on individuals and employers to get coverage, end insurance company practices that deny coverage to the sick and create a new government-sponsored plan to compete with private companies.

I especially like the part where it says the plan will "end insurance company practices that deny coverage to the sick." That is a BIG deal to me, since health insurance companies can and do refuse to cover a diabetic under an individual plan.

The article also talks about whether the program is something we can afford to implement. Me personally, this is one piece of legislation that I'd be quite happy to pay higher taxes for. Heck yeah, I'll pay higher taxes in order to make sure I can always get health insurance!

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