Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My latest lab results

A couple of weeks ago, I got the results of my latest lab test in the mail.

Remember a little over a year ago, when my doctor was concerned because my cholesterol on my last lab results was high? My LDL was 112, which was only a little higher than it "should" be for a diabetic, and well within the range for a non-diabetic.

At the time, I was thinking hubby and I would start trying for a baby soon, and had gotten off Lipitor in preparation for it. But even though we had decided to delay it a little, I decided I wasn't getting back on Lipitor in the meantime.

It seems I was right not to, as my LDL went down to 92 on its own (helped, probably, by a continuing healthy lifestyle). My triglycerides popped up a bit — to 173 from 128 — but my doctor write "OK" by that, so apparently he's not worried. My HDL is still about the same — 71 instead of 79 — which is good. My cholesterol to HDL ratio is still the same, 2.8.

While this is all good news, I find it interesting that my TSH has gone up to 5.64. This number should be between 0.40 and 4.50; a high number could indicate hypothyroidism. I find this very peculiar because I'd actually been losing weight before this test was taken, most likely because I was eating a bit less and riding my horse a bit more. Is it possible that my TSH could have gone up because my metabolism was slowing down, trying to compensate for the sudden change in eating and exercise habits?

In any case, I gained a few pounds briefly — we're talking for just a few weeks — and now I've been losing it again, so I'm not terribly concerned about having Hashimoto's disease. Next time I go in to see the doctor, I'll see what he thinks about my thyroid test results. Regardless, though, unless I really start struggling with my weight I'll insist that we simply keep tabs on my TSH — just like with the Lipitor, I will not go on medication that I don't fully need.

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