Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Is President Obama's health care reform making a comeback?

After several months of disappointing headlines, it seems that health care reform might be making a comeback.

Despite Fears, Health Care Overhaul Is Moving Ahead

From the article:

Despite tensions between moderate and liberal Democrats, there is broad agreement within the party over most of what a package would look like. Four of the five Congressional committees considering health care legislation have already passed bills. Each would require all Americans to have insurance and provide government subsidies for those who cannot afford it. Each would bar insurance companies from refusing coverage for pre-existing conditions; imposing lifetime caps on coverage; or dropping people when they get sick.

This pretty much covers all the things that are important to me, except one: Any real health care reform really needs to regulate policy costs, particularly for people with pre-existing conditions. By forcing the insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions but not setting any limits on policy costs, you're pretty much guaranteeing that the health insurance companies will respond by pricing these people's policies out of any normal person's reach.

President Obama is supposed to be making a speech tonight at 8 pm Eastern time. Like last time, I'll try to find the video afterward and post it to my blog. Let's hope this speech marks the beginning of renewed momentum on the issue!

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