Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Young invincibles, my @$$

An article ran today about how President Obama is going to require young adults under 30 to buy health insurance. The article talks about how young adults ages 19 to 29 are thought of as "young invincibles," and get away with not buying health insurance because this age group is generally pretty healthy. Of course, that hurts everyone else, because the whole idea of insurance is that the risks and costs of a small minority are borne by the whole population and therefore made more manageable for everyone.

There's only one problem with this.

Young invincibles, my @$$.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 22. I had spent a year or two without health insurance myself, but luckily the year before I'd gone back to school and therefore was covered again under my parents' insurance. I can only imagine how much trouble I'd have been in had I not been covered.

So actually, requiring this age group to buy health insurance will help more than just health care reform. It'll also help those young adults who have type 1 diabetes and other conditions lurking in their bodies, just waiting to make themselves known!

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