Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rising support for public option

I haven't blogged on here in a while, but I heard some exciting news this morning that I just had to share: A recent poll found that support for the public option in health care reform is rising.

The article reports that 57 percent of people support there being a public option, up from 52 percent over the summer. And 76 percent of people support the public option if it is state-run and only available to people who can't get affordable private health insurance.

This last part is particularly exciting to me, since after all, that is my biggest reason for supporting the health reform bill and the public option: the belief that someone like me, with a condition that is life-threatening if it is not properly managed, should not have to become ill and possibly die because they can't get or afford health insurance.

I was disappointed to see that Obama's approval ratings have slipped, but perhaps he can recover, just as the popularity of the health reform has!

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