Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Still a good thing to lower blood sugars...

I didn't know this, but apparently there was some suspicion that lowering blood sugars too aggressively in type 2 diabetics actually could cause diabetes-related deaths. Turns out it's not true, anyway:

Rapid lowering of blood sugar not linked to diabetes patients' deaths

So, yes, it's still a GOOD thing to aggressively try to lower your blood sugar. Big surprise!

Monday, April 12, 2010

How other medications affect your blood sugar

I recently had an infection in my hand where I burned it, which you can read more about here. Long story short, I ended up with prescriptions for antibiotics and steroids (to reduce swelling, as it was puffed up to nearly twice its size).

I noticed while I was reading through the information on the drugs that the steroids were said to raise blood sugars. Turns out that is an understatement. My sugars have been running in the 200s and 300s since I started the prescription, especially in the mornings (since I take 2 pills at night). My vision has been very blurry as a result — the worst I've experienced in quite a while. It's all very frustrating and disorienting... And this is with me checking my sugars before every meal.

Diabetics are often told that when we are sick, it is important to check our blood sugar frequently and correct as necessary. Certainly the stress our bodies are under when we are sick or injured is plenty to send our blood sugars up into the ozone, but I haven't often run into medications that do that. (Energy drinks, yes, but that's another matter entirely.)

It occurs to me that it might be nice to make a list of medications that tend to raise or lower blood sugars. What medications have you found will mess with your sugars?