Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Speaking of the pill...

I had a really scary hypoglycemic event the other night. And I mean, really scary — as in, the second lowest I've ever crashed.

I woke up and realized through a nightmarish fog that I was crashing. I think I'd been having nightmares, which often happens when I crash, and I was having a hard time waking up from them. I had the sensation as I was waking up of them still clinging to me like cobwebs.

When I checked my blood sugar, I found it to be 27 — the second lowest reading I've ever gotten. My lowest ever was 26, and that was six years ago! I am pretty sensitive to the symptoms of crashing, so I typically catch it by the time I get into the 50s or, at the lowest, the 40s. You can imagine, then, how I felt at 27.

I drank some juice, and then ate some Gushers and some sweet pickles. I was really hungry and it took restraint to stop at that, when I wanted to stuff my face with anything I could find. Even so, I woke up the next morning at 177, surprisingly low considering everything I ate before going back to bed.

I used to feel very tired the next day after a nighttime low, but I normally don't anymore. I think it's because, now that I work from home, I get more (and better quality) sleep than I used to. I can sleep in the next morning after crashing if I need to, and that makes a big difference. This time, however, even getting up at nearly 9am the next morning I felt very drained and tired. I lasted until the afternoon (almost crashed again around mid-day) before finally taking a nap.

For the longest time I couldn't figure out why I had crashed so dramatically. I had been just over 200 at bedtime, and took a single unit of fast-acting insulin to correct, which shouldn't have had such a drastic effect. Finally I realized that I had forgotten my birth control pill the previous night. Without my pill, I had four units too much long-acting insulin in my system, which sent my blood sugar plummeting. I've done that before, but never with such a terrible low as a result, so I am pretty sure I will be more careful about remembering my pill from now on!

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