Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cholesterol medication time?

When I went into the doctor last week, I discovered that my cholesterol has gone up again.  My LDL is up around 130-140 again.  I think this is probably because I stopped drinking grapefruit juice months ago — I think the grapefruit juice was responsible for bringing down my cholesterol over the past few years.

My doctor is taling about putting me back on Lipitor, but I told him I want to try drinking grapefruit juice every day again first.  He wants to recheck my cholesterol again next time I'm in, in 3 months.  Even if my LDL is still around 130, however, I plan to tell him I won't take Lipitor again.  Like I've said before, I don't believe I am truly at risk for a heart attack — I am healthy, active, and eat pretty well — and if I weren't diabetic no one would care about my LDL being around 130.  If it keeps going up, of course I will reconsider, but I just don't feel that an LDL of 130 is worth risking the long-term effects of being on Lipitor for the rest of my life.

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