Sunday, October 3, 2010

A scary finding about exercise

I am aware that as an active diabetic, I am not the norm.  I ride my horse several times a week at the very least, and my husband and I take the dogs for a brisk walk nearly every Saturday and Sunday.

As it turns out, it sounds like I'm not the norm for the average American, any more than I am the norm for the average diabetic.  A national telephone poll found that only about 5 percent of those called had exercised in the last 24 hours.  The majority of people polled had done nothing more active than food and drink preparation.

Yikes!  What kind of country do we live in, that the height of our daily activity is standing in the kitchen, making ourselves something to eat or drink?  I don't expect everyone to ride a horse every day, or even to go to the gym (I hate gyms).  But for heaven's sake, how hard is it to take the stairs at every opportunity or take a walk on your lunch?

What do you do to try to get some exercise throughout the day, and what could you do to improve your activity levels?

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