Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Statins may cause higher blood sugars

Remember my decision to stay off of Lipitor?  It looks like I may have made the right decision:

FDA adds new safety information to statin drugs

The FDA is adding new warnings to the labels on statins, including Lipitor.  Apparently it's been discovered that statins are causing elevated blood sugars in those who take them.  In fact, in non-diabetics, taking statins increases your chances of getting diabetes by 50 percent for longtime users.  Fifty percent!  It's almost criminal to be putting people on statins, knowing that!  The second article says that the benefits of statins for some people outweigh the risk of getting diabetes, but that seems rather unlikely to me, since developing diabetes (type 2) increases your risk of heart attack dramatically.

Not that I have to worry about increasing my risk of getting diabetes (haha), but I certainly wouldn't want to be on a medication known for increasing blood sugars!  I'm so glad I got off Lipitor all those years ago — and the grapefruit juice has been working just fine for keeping my LDL down!  In fact, last I was checked, perhaps 9 months ago, it was well under 100.  If I have any readers who are interested in finding alternatives to statins for lowering their cholesterol, I highly recommend drinking 8 ounces of not-from-concentrate grapefruit juice every day!