Monday, May 19, 2014

Diabetes and transparency: Can kids handle seeing diabetics check their blood sugar and take shots?

As a nanny and a babysitter, I constantly deal with the issue of whether to let kids see me taking care of my diabetes: checking my blood sugar and taking injections.

I feel like this is a touchy issue for a lot of parents, but I could be wrong about that, as I have found some parents to be much more accepting of it than I had expected.  The family I nanny for part-time is totally okay with me checking my blood sugar and taking shots in front of the kids, and has been since the very beginning (I've been taking care of those kids for two and a half years now).

Monday, May 12, 2014

When doctors question cholesterol guidelines

Long-time readers of this blog know that I have some very definite opinions on how our medical industry treats cholesterol -- or rather, over-treats it.  I feel very strongly that statins are prescribed far too aggressively -- and, even scarier, doctors are getting more aggressive about it all the time.

It's bad enough that some doctors are even questioning the newest cholesterol treatment guidelines.  I didn't even realize that there were new guidelines, but apparently they are so aggressive that they would have half of all adults over 40 on statins.  The thought is preposterous and infuriating to me.  And of course, what do you want to bet the drug companies have some kind of influence in this matter?  It wouldn't make sense otherwise, especially since statins aren't really effective in lowering the risk of heart attack in people who don't have heart disease, regardless of cholesterol levels.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Young children and type 1 diabetes

When I was leaving the doctor's office today for my quarterly checkup, I saw a young boy in the hall, maybe four years old, with both of his parents trying to get him to let them check his blood sugar.  One of them had a wicked-looking lancet device in their hand, as long as a pencil, which probably wasn't helping the poor kid's anxiety any.  In any case, it made me think of what it must be like to deal with type 1 diabetes as a small child -- or as the small child's parents.

These parents were clearly having a hard time dealing with it -- or the kid was -- as I could hear him crying softly, "But it's gonna hurt, like last time!"  Poor kid.  I suspect he had just been diagnosed.