Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Which came first, the high blood sugar or feeling ill?

Over the weekend I felt very sick.  My blood sugar was suddenly, inexplicably very high -- over 600 -- Friday night, and was still higher than it should have been Saturday night.  I felt awful, and canceled my plans for Sunday morning, sleeping most of the day Sunday instead.

I still don't know whether I was fighting off a stomach bug that never fully surfaced, or whether I simply felt ill because my blood sugar was so high.  I didn't know what could have caused my blood sugar to be so high, though, so it could very well have been that I was sick -- being sick often makes my blood sugar go up.  It also could have been that I just didn't calculate something correctly, or missed a shot and didn't realize it, and that my blood sugar being high for an extended period made me feel sick -- heaven knows that has happened before too.

Does anyone else have this happen to them, where you don't know whether your high blood sugar is causing your symptoms or your symptoms are causing your high blood sugar?

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