Friday, August 8, 2014

Sign a petition to get Medicare to cover CGMs

It's been a while since I was on a continuous glucose monitor -- I've done a couple of studies through my doctor's office where I had to wear them.  They were life-changing for a diabetic, to say the least.

So when I saw this petition the other day, asking for Medicare to cover continuous glucose monitors, I signed it immediately.  I fully believe that a CGM can make a huge difference in a diabetic's overall health by helping them to better control their blood sugar.

To realize how significant a continuous glucose monitor can be for a diabetic, imagine walking around all day with your eyes closed, and only opening them a handful of times a day.  On a good day, you might open them six or eight times, or perhaps you only open them twice.  Of course you would plan on opening them when you were going to do something important, such as crossing the street without getting hit, but imagine trying to find your way around the rest of the day.

That's what it is like to try to control your diabetes with only the regular type of glucose meter.  You don't know what your blood sugars are doing overnight, or after meals, or during exercise.  All you know are the times you check it, usually first thing in the morning, before meals, and before bed.  Heaven only knows what it's doing the rest of the time.

Having a CGM is like being able to open your eyes all the time.  Suddenly you always know what your blood sugars are doing, and even if CGMs aren't always 100 percent accurate (neither are regular meters), at least they show you trends that can help you and your doctor determine dose amounts to better control your sugars.

This is something Medicare should be covering.  Please sign the petition!

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