Saturday, November 15, 2014

The importance of Obamacare

One more post about Obamacare.  Today I saw this incredibly moving account of how Obamacare saved this guy's life.

If you're diabetic and reading this blog, you may know firsthand how rough it was to get health insurance before Obamacare.  Unless you had it through your employer in the form of a group plan, you were basically SOL.  Health insurance companies were legally allowed to discriminate against diabetics by refusing them health insurance otherwise, and so of course they did.

When I was fresh out of college I got a job as a technical writer with a small firm.  Because they were so small and had a lot of turnover, they didn't offer a group health plan, but had you go out and buy an individual plan and reimbursed you for it.  Being naive at the time, I thought this would be easy.

I wasn't thinking about my diabetes.

My mom and I called insurance company after insurance company.  They all turned me down.  I wasn't unhealthy; I took care of myself and kept my diabetes under good control; I hadn't gone without health insurance.  None of that mattered.  The law allowed them to refuse to cover me, so that's what they did.  I would cost them money and cut into their precious profits, so why would they want to cover me if they didn't have to?

This is what health care turns into if we let it be rules by free market principles.  Our people's health gets tossed out the window in favor of bigger profits.

This is why we need Obamacare.  It may not be perfect, but I don't care -- it's a whole lot closer to perfect that what we had before.

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