Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tips for signing up for Obamacare

Open enrollment for Obamacare starts on November 15th, just a couple days away.  This allows you to shop for health insurance if you don't already have a plan through your employer or another source.  NPR ran a great article the other day with tips for anyone shopping for health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act:

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Obamacare

You have three months to open enroll in any of these plans.  Even if you already have health insurance thanks to Obamacare, the article encourages you to shop around before deciding whether to keep it in the coming year -- more plan choices have been added, so you might be able to find something that suits you better.

You may also be able to get assistance in paying for your health insurance, so be sure to check  Assistance is in the form of a tax credit on your taxes when you file them in the spring, which isn't always terribly helpful in the here and now, but may be appreciated when tax time rolls around.

No matter what you think of Obamacare, remember to be grateful that it opened the door for affordable insurance for diabetics and others with pre-existing conditions.  It used to be that you couldn't buy an individual health insurance plan at all if you were diabetic -- only group plans required health insurance companies to cover diabetics.  Insurance companies could turn down a diabetic for health insurance, and so of course they did -- since they were more interested in profit than patients.

Obamacare has ensured that diabetics like me can get health insurance at all, and for that I am grateful.  Of course, I also support a social health care program, but this is a good first step toward taking proper care of our citizens.  A country is only as strong as its people, and hopefully someday our country will finally be as strong as we like to think we are.

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