Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Good news if you hate blood draws

When my sister was a kid she had to have surgery to remove a bone fragment from her elbow.  When they went to put the IV in, they couldn't find her vein at first -- apparently she was so nervous that it constricted.

I've never had that problem, as I have veins that stand out pretty prominently, especially once you put a tourniquet on.  I have one good vein especially that is the number one choice for blood draws.  But my veins do roll sometimes, so I have been poked over and over before in an attempt to get blood or place an IV.  It's not fun.

There is hope though, in the form of this new invention!

VeinViewer Means No More Poking People Relentlessly to Locate Veins

VeinViewer is a vein finder that uses infrared light to look under the skin and projects an HD image of the veins onto the surface of the skin. There won’t be any miss when the doctors and nurses poke you with a needle next time.

This highly portable device helps hospital staff to immediately locate a vein inside a person’s arm. It can find veins up to 0.4 inches or 10mm deep. The light detects hemoglobin in the blood and then instantly illuminates the intricate network of veins.

The light is totally painless but highly accurate, increasing both first-stick success and patient satisfaction.
Sounds like a winner.  It won't help with people like me, whose veins tend to roll, but it'll help with people like my sister, whose veins are difficult to locate, especially when they're nervous about the impending blood draw.

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