Monday, September 21, 2015

The challenges of eating right

Eating a healthy diet is important not only for people in general, but also for diabetics -- and especially for type 2 diabetics.  Eating right and exercising can improve or even completely reverse type 2 diabetes, so that's often the advice doctors give type 2 patients.

So what constitutes eating right?

Cutting out fast food is the first thing, of course, but increasing fruits and vegetables is also part of eating a healthier diet.  Unfortunately, new findings are telling us there aren't enough vegetables in the U.S. for us all to start eating the way we should be.

The U.S. Doesn't Have Enough Of The Vegetables We're Supposed To Eat

Much of what's grown is potatoes and tomatoes, both of which are used heavily in processed foods and fast foods.  And of course, there are crops like corn, which are subsidized and therefore guaranteed profitable to farmers.

In fact, the article points out that all of the subsidized crops are also ones that don't have the nutritional content we actually need.  They're grown a lot because farmers are guaranteed a paycheck, which makes them cheap and plentiful.  The end result is that food companies find ways to put these cheap, plentiful foods into almost everything we eat.  How else did you think they came up with high fructose corn syrup, hmm?

Anyway, it's troubling because this is the way we really should all be eating, but the vegetable shortages will make it difficult and expensive for people to change their diets as they should.  Hopefully articles like these will raise awareness to the situation, and help to instigate change.

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