Thursday, April 7, 2016

Watch out for upcoming vitamin D recommendations

Remember a few years back when doctors suddenly got gung ho about testing for vitamin D and recommending vitamin D supplements?  Well, it seems we might be in for another wave of that:

Vitamin D Boosts Heart Function in Study

This study found that older people with heart problems who took non-calcium-based vitamin D supplements enjoyed an increase in heart pumping function, from a quarter to a third better pumping.

No joke, these are significant results.  Am I going to rush out and buy vitamin D supplements?  No.

  1. The study was done on older people.  I'm not old.
  2. The study was done on people who were either on blood pressure medication medication or a Pacemaker.  That doesn't apply to me either.
  3. The study was done using non-calcium-based vitamin D supplements.  Most vitamin D supplements are calcium-based.
I suspect that since the generalization is "Vitamin D prevents heart failure!" a lot of diabetics will find their doctors are recommending vitamin D supplements... again.  I hope people will use their best judgment.  For one thing, what works for an older person with a significant risk of heart failure might not work for you.  For another, unless you're on prescription vitamin D, over-the-counter supplements have very little oversight and are frequently not as advertised.

And even if you figure you could benefit from the vitamin D... seriously.  Just go outside for 15 minutes every day, without sunscreen or before putting sunscreen on.  Why pay for something your body will make on its own?

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