Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Metformin as a breast cancer drug?

Remember some other recent studies that showed metformin had protective qualities against aging?  Well, now the drug has been linked to better breast cancer survival rates in women who took metformin after their diagnosis.

The catch?  If you took metformin before your diagnosis, you were actually twice as likely to die.  Holy shit!

With those dramatically different odds, I'm appalled that they're suddenly hailing metformin as a possible breast cancer treatment.  I really think they need more research before they determine that metformin is appropriate for treating breast cancer -- and probably, in the meantime, they also need to hold off on giving metformin to women who have not had breast cancer, just in case they develop it while on the drug.

Unfortunately, there are too many people who read study headlines and digest only the boiled-down results, instead of looking at the actual study for what was studied, how, and what exactly the results were.  So there are probably a whole lot of people running around now thinking that metformin is the cure for breast cancer, as well as being an anti-aging drug.

Please, people, do your research before you take the results to a medical study to heart.  Look at who performed the study, how they conducted it, and how many subjects participated in the study.  And for heaven's sake, look at what the results actually were, and not just the media's boiled down interpretation of it!

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