Saturday, January 7, 2017


I have to apologize for having been silent so long, especially during all of the upheaval this fall.  Truth be told, I was despondent for a long time after the election, and the many headlines about the fate of the Affordable Care Act just made it worse.  I'm terrified for the fate of my health care, hell, for my health.
Some of my readers may know that I went through a divorce a year ago.  Even back at the beginning of 2016, I was concerned enough about the potential outcome of the election, and what doom it could spell for diabetics and others who depend on their health insurance just to survive, that I decided not to go on Obamacare.  I would have loved to -- I would have gotten a subsidy on my monthly premium, which would have made it more affordable than COBRA -- but ultimately I opted to go on COBRA, which was offered to me because of the divorce.  Lucky me -- because it was a divorce, I got three years of guaranteed coverage under COBRA.  (Two left now.)

I'm glad I opted for COBRA, but I'm still scared about what will happen to our nation's health care.  It sounds like whatever happens will actually take a little while, so the three years of coverage I felt so relieved about may not be as much of a blessing as I'd thought.  It will still leave me looking for health care in a couple of years, and depending on what happens in the next year, it may mean I have to quit freelancing and get a full-time job.

This may not seem so bad to some of you, but keep in mind that I have been an independent contractor for going on 12 years now.  It would be like telling you that in order to maintain the basic necessities of life, you would have to leave a great job that you love and that you have seniority in and go work at McDonalds instead.  That's basically what this will be like for me.  I've been setting my own hours and choosing my own clients for well over a decade, and I may have to give up the work that I love more than anything, just to make sure that I have something that in almost every other country is provided as a basic right.

So that's why I haven't blogged in a long time.  I have been collecting articles and other blog fodder, though, so I will have a lot to say in the coming weeks!

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