Monday, March 13, 2017

The American Diabetes Association and the medical community speak out

Independent doctors groups within the medical community, including the American Diabetes Association, have been speaking out against what people are calling "Ryancare," and what I called "Obamacare lite" in a couple of previous posts (Obamacare lite and More on Obamacare lite).

Here is the American Diabetes Association's press release about their misgivings regarding Ryancare:

American Diabetes Association Expresses Deep Concerns with Affordable Care Act Repeal Legislation and Impact on Millions with Diabetes

As the ADA points out, diabetics are disproportionately represented in the part of the population that will soon find itself without insurance under this plan: older Americans and poorer Americans are more likely to be diabetic.  It's also concerning that while the numbers of diabetics in our country are increasing exponentially, our government is considering a health care measure that will drastically cut access to health insurance and at the same time make it less affordable than ever.  (Older people, who are more likely to be diabetic, will be charged up to five times as much for their premiums under Ryancare.)

We all need to put the pressure on our members of Congress.  Make them understand we are in no way okay with their plans for our health care!

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