Thursday, March 2, 2017

The rape of the Affordable Care Act

I've resisted blogging in a long time.  At first, right after the election, I was just plain discouraged and sometimes downright depressed.  But as the headlines started piling up, I started to become energized and motivated to activism.  I was pretty active for weeks after the inauguration, although I've settled down now into a fairly steady, but not quite so consuming routine of activism.

Unfortunately, the more time passed, the more the headlines piled up, and now I just don't know where the ACA/Obamacare stands anymore.  There have been so many conflicting headlines:
And so it goes, on and on and on.  There have been multitudes of articles about how bad things will be if it is repealed: jobs that will be lost, hospitals that will fail, people who won't be covered and may even die, and the issues of preexisting conditions, lifetime caps, high-risk pools, addiction treatment, and so on.  Meanwhile, Republicans bicker amongst themselves about the virtues of state regulations vs. federal, voucher-style replacement plans, and so forth.

I'm finally beginning to feel a little less panicked about losing the ACA, although I'm still worried about what effect the executive order and the prolonged repeal/replace talk will have on the industry.  I'm afraid it'll cause insurers to bail from the exchanges, and of course some states jumped the gun and already started discussing shutting down their exchanges and withdrawing from programs.

Luckily I still have two years' worth of COBRA coverage before I have to find insurance on my own, so I have some time for them to figure out what they're doing.  But it may or may not come down to finding a full-time, benefits-offering job, after well over a decade of self-employment.

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