Monday, July 24, 2017

Just a girl and her artificial pancreas

I promised some big news and then dropped the ball.  I'm so sorry if you've been waiting patiently (or impatiently) since I hinted at my big news on my post about resisting the AHCA.

(Our work there isn't done yet, by the way.  It seems as fast as we defeat one bill, they come up with another, even worse plan.  Stay on your toes and continue to make your phone calls, write your letters, and RESIST!)

But here's my big news!  Two months ago I got on the Medtronic 670G, the pump + CGM that is being called an artificial pancreas (even though that's probably a bit of an exaggeration).

I saw an article way back last fall about the Medtronic pump being approved by the FDA.  I saved the article back then, intending to blog about it, but I forgot.  I never thought that by spring I'd be getting on the pump myself.

There's a waiting list for the 670G and they've had supply problems, but I was able to get on it as part of a program to see how people do getting straight onto it from injections.  I got my pump at the beginning of May, and got my sensors and went into auto mode about three weeks later.

At this point I've been in auto mode for about two months.  I've done a lot of experimenting with things that aren't necessarily recommended or approved, such as restarting sensors at the end of the week or after the system tells you to change them.  Wanting to provide a positive support group, as well as a place people can go to learn more about this pump, I teamed up with another 670G user to start a Medtronic 670G support group that anyone can join.

In the coming days and weeks I want to share some of my experiences with this pump, here on my blog, but I also encourage anyone who is interested in learning more to go check out the Facebook group.  Everyone's experience of this pump is a little different, of course, so hearing from dozens or hundreds of people about how they like it is a good way to learn more about this amazing system.

For me, though, the 670G has been life-changing, and I cannot recommend it enough.

More to come -- stay tuned!

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