Saturday, July 8, 2017


I apologize for not having blogged in so long, especially when there is so much going on with health care right now.  The AHCA had me terrified -- and the Senate version of the bill, even more so.

I hear a lot of denial from people -- "They couldn't possibly pass it!  How could they take health care away from millions of people?"  "They'll never agree long enough to pass it" and the like.  But the fact of the matter is, we said that about the House version of the bill, and it even appeared dead -- until suddenly it wasn't, and they held a vote and passed it.

I'm afraid they'll do the same with the Senate version of the bill, so here's what I'm asking everyone to do to help.
Everyone has been pushing phone calls, of course: Call your reps, call your senators, etc.  So many of the people I know hate making phone calls, though, especially this kind of call.  Luckily we have plenty of other options.

  • Send a postcard: Letters actually take a long time to get through to your politicians, or so I've heard.  They have to be checked to make sure they don't contain anything harmful, and that means getting held up in mail jail and arriving long after the vote has been held.  Instead, send a postcard.  No way anything dangerous could be hiding, so they coast right on through.
  • Send a fax: There's a wonderful little text bot called Resistbot.  Just text "resist" to 50409, and it'll walk you through writing a fax to your senators.  It'll even let you do things like provide a signature if your phone has drawing capabilities in text, choose who it'll go to, etc.  The more you use it the better it gets.  It's a great tool, and apparently there's even a Facebook Messenger version, too.
  • Send a Facebook message: Speaking of Facebook, there's actually a great new(ish) feature that you can use.  On your PC, look in the left sidebar for "Town Hall."  Clicking on that will tell you everyone who represents you and is also on Facebook.  You'll have options to follow them on your feed, as well as to message them.
  • Stay informed and stay involved: People are getting tired of being outraged all the time, and I'm afraid it means we'll be quiet when our noise is most needed.  Keep your finger on the pulse: read about it, talk about it to others, and find ways to stay involved.  It doesn't have to mean going to a rally every weekend (although if that's what you want to do, do it!).  We just can't give up.
I have some other big news to share and another reason why I haven't been active on my blog lately -- I will share that soon in another post, but in the meantime, keep speaking up and making as much noise as you can to keep this travesty from passing!